• March 24, 2018
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Workshop begins with a presentation by Certified Master Composter, Peter Hernandez, followed by building your own 50 gallon worm bin to take home. Included in the price is some starter food stock as well as 1 lb. of red wiggler composter worms. Or, you may choose to assist with worm bin building.

Similar size, commercially produced, Continuous Flow-Through worm bins are priced at $300! This workshop is a great deal.

Sign up now at either of these price points:

  • $15 Presentation and assist with worm bin building only, or
  • $70 Presentation, worm bin building, take home worm bin, starter food stock, and 1 lb. of red wigglers

This 50-gallon worm bin holds 3-5 times more organic matter than conventional stackable bins. The bins also have wheels, allowing you to move your workers from place to place.

Turn kitchen scraps, paper, cardboard, leaves and other material into rich compost for the garden. Let the worms do all the work! You put the food stock in through the top and harvest the black gold from the bottom. Worm castings improve soil health by providing needed organic matter. Organic rich soil also assists with water retention and conservation

You will learn the right balance of food stock that keeps the worms happy while meeting your personal goal of keeping organics out of the landfill.

This workshop qualifies for Advanced Training for Alamo Area Texas Master Naturalists and SAWS WaterSaver Rewards.


8400 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, Texas, 78231, United States