Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas


Green Spaces Alliance Mission –

“Sustain the natural environment and enhance urban spaces through land conservation, community engagement and education.”

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with regional population growth projected to almost double in the next 50 years. Urban growth, without careful planning and preservation, will disrupt quality of life for all unless we act today.  By protecting undeveloped land and water resources, cultivating urban green spaces and community, and educating the next generation about the environment we depend on, we can help ensure a better quality of life now and in years to come.

Organizational Goals –


  • LAND CONSERVATION:  Work with landowners who are interested in preserving open land, focusing on land over the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio’s main source of drinking water,
  • URBAN LAND & WATER:  Fund and facilitate the implementation of community gardens in San Antonio focusing in disadvantaged and low-income communities,
  • EDUCATION:  Educate children about the importance and wonder of nature through the Picture Your World Youth Photography program in regional natural areas.

To date, Green Spaces Alliance has helped protect over 133,000 acres of land over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, safeguarded 458 additional acres of private property and 123 acres of donated land, fostered over 40 community gardens across San Antonio, and educated over 3,700 students on the importance and beauty of nature with our Picture Your World Youth Photography Program.

Bexar Land Trust, doing business as Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas, conserves land for the public good. We have a long track record of success, using the best science and information available to determine the most important lands to conserve to have the greatest impact on our water and wildlife habitat. But there’s so much more to our land – and our work – than just the acres on the ground.

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