Staff & Board of Directors

Gail Gallegos

Gail Gallegos

Executive Director
(210) 222-8430 ext 301

Gail Gallegos has fifteen years of experience in native ecosystem oversight and management.  She has a long history with the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program, land conservation and restoration, and volunteer management experience.  She received the Texas Society for Ecological Restoration’s 2015 “Excellence in Ecological Restoration Award” for exemplary dedication to the conservation, management and restoration of the Texas natural resource base.  She has worked extensively with the Alamo Area Master Naturalists, SAWS, SARA, Land Heritage Institute, Bexar and San Antonio Audubon Societies, and many others to preserve and manage San Antonio’s green spaces and connect people with nature.  She holds a B.S. in Ecology and a M.S. in Environmental Science, emphasis in Ecology, both from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  She would love to spend every moment hiking, biking, planting, stargazing or somehow out in nature.

Tyler Sanderson

Tyler Sanderson

Land Conservation & Stewardship Manager
(210) 222-8430 ext 305

Tyler Sanderson received a Master of Science in Forest Hydrology and a Graduate Certificate in Stream and Watershed Science from the University of Kentucky. During his time away from school, Tyler developed strong interest in conservation and natural resource management as an AmeriCorps Volunteer and university research assistant. He understands the importance of protecting land and water resources, and is passionate about educating others about their significance. He believes the most important avenue of change is through effective public education, and the best way to do that is community involvement.

Carra Garza

Carra Garza

Picture Your World Program Manager
(210) 222-8430 ext 309

Carra is a professional photographer with a certificate in Photography from the Southwest School of Art and a B.A. in Art History from Southern Methodist University. Her work has been exhibited nationally in both solo and group shows. Ms. Garza’s current work consists of photographic transfer, collage and encaustic. She is an active member of the arts community serving as a docent with the McNay Art Museum since 2001, and as a former board member and current supporter of the Southwest School of Art, a member of the Texas Photographic Society and member of the Houston Center for Photography.

Tammy Andrews

Tammy Andrews

Accounting and Finance Administrator
(210) 222-8430 ext 306

Tammy Andrews bleeds maroon and loves making numbers balance. Before coming to Green Spaces Alliance, she supported various non-profits through volunteer positions. The mother of 2 boys and wife to a handsome husband, they work as a family to reduce, recycle and reuse and make the world greener as they go. In her spare time, she runs a home bakery and loves to sit outside and read.

Shannon Blackburn

Shannon Blackburn

Operations Manager
(210) 222-8430 ext 304

Shannon Blackburn is a certified Texas Master Naturalist (Alamo Area Chapter, Class #36) with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is as passionate about conserving land and nature as she is about promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). She sees parallels between the “overview effect” astronauts experience when they see Earth from space, learning to appreciate Earth’s biosphere as a connected whole, and the similar effect children and adults experience when they’re in nature and begin to appreciate it as an interconnected web, of which they are a small part.

The Board of Directors

Emily Boice, President

Karen Bishop, Vice President

Jean Flores, Treasurer

Christine Westerman, Secretary

Vince Bordano

Penelope Boyer

Parks Brown

Kelly Carlisle

Kimberly Collins

Isabel Garcia

Mauricio Hernandez

June Kachtik

Ann Leafstedt

Keith Muhlestein

Joanna Randazzo

Lisa Reese

Angela Rodriguez

Adam Yablonski

Gwen Young