Urban Land & Water

Conservation & Redevelopment

by | Apr 28, 2017 | urban land & water | 0 comments

Like many parts of the US, San Antonio is urbanizing rapidly. The scattered pattern of low-density development consumes an excessive amount of land, fragments the landscape, displaces many native species, and disrupts ecosystem functions. The redevelopment of vacant lots has been an active component of Green Spaces Alliance since 2006.  Primarily redevelopment has occurred through the creation of community gardens. Moving forward Green Spaces Alliance recognizes the potential, through creative partnerships, to redevelop lots as food forests, edible landscapes, native landscapes or other mixed-use spaces.

Green Spaces Alliance is currently working with partners to develop a decision support tool that can be used for urban and rural land conservation as well as urban vacant lot redevelopment. The decision support tool will be used to identify areas of greatest local ecological importance, and as well as those at greatest risk of loss to development.  In addition, the model will include special considerations with respect to the redevelopment of vacant lots for urban agriculture.

For more information, contact Judith Temple, Urban Land and Water Intern: (210) 222-8430 ext. 307.