• January 20, 2018
    10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Specialty foods from around the world. Photo by Gwendolyn Stansbury

Join us on Saturday, January 20th or on Saturday, February 3rd at The Lutheran House of Prayer, the home base of the CIELO International Garden. The event will be held in a community room attached to the church (follow the signage.)

Guests will go from station to station to view and discuss the ingredients in each prepared dish as well as where to purchase them. You are encouraged to ask questions about the significance of a dish to the preparer’s culture and how to properly prepare. Ingredients and cooking directions will be provided at each station.

After visiting the food stations attendees will be able to sample each of the dishes and sit among people from different cultures, many who have come from areas of political unrest.  A spokesperson from representative groups will give a brief presentation so that we may better understand and appreciate each other’s uniqueness.

Tours of the CIELO garden will also be available. Make sure you visit the plots to see what is being grown and how it’s being grown. It’s really a wonderful experience.

The January 20th event will feature some of these soups and culture groups: Pumpkin chicken soup (Karenni), Lamb soup (Chad) and Ash soup (Mandean).


Venue Website:

10226 Iron Side Dr., San Antonio, Texas, 78230, United States