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Native Landscapes

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Natural beauty and improved wildlife habitat are some of the many wonderful benefits associated with native plants. Native landscapes are a necessary and vital component to the Upper San Antonio Watershed and surrounding drainage basins. Native landscapes not only have the potential to reduce consumptive water use but they also protect soil and reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides. They provide wildlife habitat and support the pollinator communities that anchor Bexar County’s diverse ecosystems.

Native landscapes such as wildflower meadows and pocket prairies can be integrated into rural and urban landscapes and can improve the ecosystem structure and function by increasing biodiversity, wildlife habitat while at the same time enhancing primary and provisioning ecosystem services.

Bexar County is unique in that at least three major eco-regions are represented; 1) Edwards Plateau; 2) Blackland Prairies; and 3) South Texas Plains.  Depending on your geographic location within Bexar County will determine which native or endemic plants are most suitable for your yard or lot.  Let’s work together to rethink and reshape our local environments and the spaces we create.

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For more information, contact Zanel Pizarro, Community Conservation Coordinator: (210) 222-8430 ext. 310.